Never judge a book by its cover.

We’re constantly reminded of this, but when I’m in the bookstore, that’s exactly what I do. I’m always curious why that particular artwork was chosen and I often find myself imagining what I would have created if I got to design the cover.

So now after I've finished reading a book, I like to redesign the cover. It's my own visualised interpretation of the book and the best thing about being a copywriter is I can design freely without the pressure that comes with being an art director. 

*More to come* (I promise I’ve read more than 4 books)


Here is a project that represents the kind of work I would love to create.

Taking a common concept we know such as homophobia and flipping it on its head so we can change the way we think about it. Maybe the perpetrators of homophobia are in need of help too…



Lastly, I will leave you with some short and simple ideas: